IWAN believes in creating FEEL GOOD NEIGHBORHOODS. Neighborhoods in which the surrounding community works together to be the best they can be. A FEEL GOOD NEIGHBORHOOD is a cohesive unit that operates as one harmonious entity. IWAN believes that a happy home is the foundation of a happy neighborhood


6 October

ALMA is the de-facto central of Sheikh Zayed. The center of the new suburban hub that is beginning to thrive with a whole new range of leisure activities and amenities.
More Egyptians are leaving activities and amenities. For the Cairo suburbs searching in the aim of finding a better quality of life; however, the further you move out, the more disassociated you feel with central Cairo which is the hub to the majority of activities that enrich Egyptian lives. This is the problem that ALMA strives to solve for a whole new generation with its Family Houses, Twin Houses and Standalone Villas.

IWAN Developments first introduced our concept “Developing Feel-Good Neighborhoods” with JEERA’s inauguration. JEERA is one of the most exclusive compounds in Sheikh Zayed,
maintaining its status as a symbol for the
surrounding community to be proud of.

ATRIO is introduced to the market as IWAN’s first turn–key project. You will purchase your home and move in to a fully finished compound and units; all you need to do is pack your bags.
ATRIO Spread across 19 acres, ATRIO is a cozy community featuring approximately 120 units, representing 18% of the total area, while the rest of the space has been transformed into vibrant green spaces, flawless landscape and intricate water features. ATRIO encompasses an array of cozy town houses, impeccably designed twin houses and spacious stand alone villas

Vida is aligned with our vision of building heartfelt communities. It takes intimacy and warmth to the next level. Where the
neighborhood pleasurable experience
presents a core value.

JEDAR by default provides the essence of all IWAN projects; the concept of a “Balanced
Home”. The way the compound is developed starting from the choice of the land plot through to the compound design and features are all aligned with the belief that today each and every one of us is searching for one thing, and one thing only in every aspect of our lives… that is “Balance”

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