Equity Real Estate is an ambitious property development company that specialises in acquiring off market property deals to then enhance value through planning gain and the construction of residential, commercial and mixed-use property for resale to the private and institutional investors. The management team have a unique blend of skills which include construction and development, corporate and structured finance and large scale infrastructure. The team have completed hundreds of projects of varying sizes over a period of 20 years and together form an experienced and dynamic team.


New Capital

The Capitalway is the latest project by Equity for Investment and Real Estate Development. It stretches over 42 acres of land, neighboring the elegant Diplomatic District in the New Capital and uniquely overlooking the Green River Zone. The Capitalway is designed to be a perfect blend of ultra modern buildings and aesthetic water featured landscape. The project offers a wide range of unit types,
including apartments, duplexes and penthouses. The unit sizes vary from 80 to 250 square meters.

North Coast

Waterway north coast project comes as the third major venture for the brand in the Egyptian real estate market yet. the new WATERWAY NORTH COAST consequently benefiting from the growing market demand for the north coast area and also the sea residential and entertainment aspects as well as the company’s outstanding innovations in property development especially

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