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Up Town Cairo is strategically located on approximately 450 hectares of land and similar to the size of the Zamalek district, Uptown Cairo is easily accessible from the downtown and central business districts of Cairo Further connecting the development to almost everywhere in Cairo, is Emaar Drive. This 250 million impressive three lane highway, gives Uptown Cairo even greater
accessibility to and from the North & West ends of the city

New Cairo

Mivida has been thoroughly though out down to the finest of details to create the perfect balance between open space and buildings, with extra emphasis on “green”. Lakes, trails and meandering pathways are peppered through-out the development creating an unrivaled ambiance. World renowned urban and master planners have come together to create the ideal use of space, to offer opulent homes alongside a vibrant Mivida Downtown that is well-segregated for absolute comfort and peace of mind

North Coast

Marina West defines luxury coastal living with its premium apartments located at the heart of Marassi’s marina. International hotels, shops, al fresco cafes and restaurants are scattered along the boardwalk, offering stunning views of the glorious open water where yachts catch the sunlight as they glide elegantly across the waves in the distance, or bob gently at their moorings closer to shore.

Salerno, Marassi mirrors it’s Italian counterpart by offering a bustling lifestyle that feeds the Mediterranean

Marassi is the destination resort already known as the crème
de la crème of beachfront living on the North Coast of Egypt.
Marassi Bay is the refined new neighborhood at its pinnacle.

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